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Take a look at the effect light can have on your customers.

The right store lighting

A delicate shimmer reveals the colors, patterns and textures of the products in front of us when we enter a store. New fashion trends shine in all their glory. Juicy red apples and freshly baked plum cake shine with an appetizing glow, and unique decorative objects and designer furniture make us want to take a closer look.

Requirements in the store area

Lighting for fashion and textile stores

Lighting in a store is more than just a practical means of displaying products. It has the unique ability to evoke emotions and create a special atmosphere. The warm, soft lights in a fashion store add a touch of glamor and luxury to the garments. They inspire us to imagine how we would feel if we wore these pieces. The light envelops us and suddenly we are caught up in a world of style and elegance.

Ulla Popken DREES Lichtprojekt Anwednungsbereich Shop
Lebensmittel Beleuchtung Metgerei DREES Lichtprojekte

Special lighting concepts make fresh produce look fresher and more appetizing

Accentuation of the light emphasizes the fresh character

Special requirements for food

In a grocery store, lighting is like a declaration of love to the senses. It makes the juicy colors of fruit and vegetables shine, emphasizes the freshness of the products and seduces us with the promise of delicious meals. The light invites us to discover the aromas and flavors with our eyes before exploring them with our palates.

Unique furniture & living worlds

In a furniture store, the lighting transforms the furnishings into dreams. Each spotlight reveals the beauty of the materials and shapes. It creates an environment in which we can imagine how these pieces of furniture would look in our home, how they would fill our rooms with warmth and style.

Shopbeleuchtung Möbelunikate DREES Lichtprojekte

The power of light in the service industry

In the world of services, it is often the small details that make the difference. And when it comes to these subtle nuances, the lighting is a true masterpiece. It not only transforms rooms, but also moments and experiences. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of lighting in the service sector, be it in a hairdressing salon, a travel agency or any other area.

Requirements in the service sector

Innovative lighting concepts that leave an impression

Today’s lighting concepts create a connection between people, between customers and service providers. In these spaces, we not only share needs and wishes, but also stories and experiences. The light creates a warm and open atmosphere in which customers and service providers can meet on a human level. This is where trust, friendships and memories are created. In a hairdressing salon, for example, not only is a beautiful new haircut presented in the best possible way, but it also creates the feeling of being pampered and appreciated. Deliberate lighting reminds us that services are not just transactions, but relationships, experiences and lived emotions.

Magic Hair Friseur DREES Lichtprojekt

Shopping & services" lighting projects

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Store lighting

Nivea House (Hamburg)


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